With version 2.0 the license model of ogopogo has changed to Freemium. The basic, free version contains a set of features sufficient for many use cases.

You can individually buy specific add-ons as In-App-Purchases to extend ogopogo's feature according to your personal preferences.

Features currently available are:

  1. Unlimited play queue
    In the free version the number of tracks in the play queue is limited to tenth entries. With this add-on you can add an unlimited number of tracks in your play queue.
  2. Unlimited playlists
    Allows the creation of an unlimited number of user-defined playlists. In the free version the number of user defined play queues is restricted. Nevertheless play queues defined in you iTunes library get imported.
  3. User-definable listening contexts
    The free version of ogopogo comes with a fixed, predefined set of listening contexts. If you want to create your own listening context labels, this add-on is for you. It also lets you rename and delete existing listening contexts.
  4. Facebook support
    With this feature you can post your Facebook friends what you are listening to on ogopogo. The created Facebook contains track info, user-definable text and album artwork!
  5. Send as e-mail
    Send song, album, and playlist meta data and album artwork via e-mail.
  6. Coming soon: Fade-In/Out
    Adds fade-in and fade-out options for the current song.
    Accessed by swiping from play and pause buttons.
  7. Coming soon: Radio-DJ view
  8. Planned: Automatically fill the play queue with tracks that fit to your current listening context.
  9. Planned: Open and import mp3 files from email or your Dropbox account in ogopogo.

Stay tuned for updates!