Ogopogo can revolutionise your music listening experience in many situations - at home, on the road, when exercising, running or walking.

If your music collection is already on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, ogopogo makes it easy to find the music you'd like to listen to in any given moment, anywhere, anytime - whether or not you have internet access.

If you have a large CD collection, now might be a good time to import them all into iTunes, and from there onto your iOS device and into ogopogo. An iPad or iPhone with 64GB memory can easily hold 500 or more albums, and ogopogo puts your collection, whether its large or small, right at your fingertips.

At home:

» Stream music from your iOS device to your existing stereo, using AirPlay and an Airport Express (fully supported in ogopogo).

All you need is an AirPort Express, connected to your existing wireless or wired network (you don't have to use it as a wireless base station, although you can) and to your stereo system via a standard audio cable (typically 3.5mm male mini-jack to male stereo RCA). If your stereo system has optical inputs, you can also connect the AirPort Express via digital fibre optic cable. Detailed information on how to set it all up can be found here and here. When your iOS device running ogopogo is on the same network as the AirPort Express, you can now choose between playing back on the internal speaker / headphone port, or wirelessly transmitting to your stereo system, using the AirPlay selector next to the volume slider.

In fact, you can use multiple Airport Expresses, each connected to its own stereo system to stream music to different rooms in your home (we've tested this up to three units). Each iOS device running ogopogo can wirelessly play back music on one of the system, chosen via the AirPlay selector next to the volume slider. Using this kind of setup, your ogopogo on your iPhone can stream wicked beats to the party room, while at the same time ogopogo on your iPad (or another iPhone) plays smooth jazz in the kitchen.

With a good stereo system, you will be able to get excellent sound quality. Using this kind of setup, ogopogo makes it easy to fill your home with music.

» Stream music from your iOS device directly to AirPlay-enabled speakers.

There is an increasing number of stand-alone speaker systems with built-in AirPlay-support (a recent roundup can be found here). Ogopogo can stream music directly to any of these just as easily as it plays back music on your iOS device - simply select the speaker you'd like pipe your music to using the AirPlay selector next to the volume slider.

On the road:

» Use ogopogo to create the sound track for your road trip.

Many car stereo systems have an auxiliary input (often on the faceplate or in the glove compartment) to which you can connect your iOS device via a standard 3.5mm mini-jack (male to male) cable. Once this connection is made, ogopogo makes it easy to keep the music playing while you are driving, with minimal distraction and maximum listening enjoyment, thanks to ogopogo's context-aware auto-select functionality. This way, it is easy to get the right music for each kind of drive - whether it's your usual commute, a leisurely drive along the coast or an exhilarating trip through the mountains.

If your car stereo doesn't have an auxiliary input (nor a specialised iPod connector, which, of course works even better), there are still other ways to let ogopogo play music in your car - this article tells you how.

When exercising, running or walking:

» Let ogopogo keep you pumped while you are working out.

Music can make a big difference to your workout experience. Whether you prefer to listen to a preselected set of tracks or rather be surprised by choices from the appropriate parts of your music collection, ogopogo makes it quick and easy to listen to the kind of beats that keep you going when you're working out.

Using the hotlist and the o-button, it's very easy to fill your play queue with good workout music, and you always see exactly for how long your music will keep playing, which provides a fun and easy way to time your exercises.

Once you've used ogopogo for a while, it will learn what kind of music you like to listen to when you exercise; at that point, simply switch auto-select on, and ogopogo keeps the right kind of music playing for as long as you want. You can even train different listening contexts for different kinds of workouts to further fine-tune ogopogo's music selection.

» Run to the soundtrack made by ogopogo.

Just like in the gym, listening to the right kind of music can really enhance your enjoyment of running, and perhaps even your performance. Use a suitable armband for your iPhone or iPod Touch (some examples are shown here), put in your earbuds, and with a few touches, ogopogo will provide the soundtrack to your run.

Once ogopogo has learned what kind of music you like to listen to while running, simply switch auto-select on, press play and get going.

» Enhance your walks, wherever they take you.

Whether you walk on the beach, on a narrow mountain trail, on a board walk in the rain forest, or along a hidden canal in Venice, sometimes music can take the experience to an entirely different level. Ogopogo lets you find the right kind of music for a given situation, and then to play some more of it - with ease and minimal distraction.

And in those situations where you do not walk alone, consider using a headphone splitter (see, e.g., here) to share the soundtrack ogopogo plays for you.